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Every step is key when building your brand. We will guide you step by step while helping you build leverage. Get on VEVO, gain a REAL following, digital distribution, get verified on social media & receive national exposure. Targeted music promotion.
A few years ago I interviewed Dave Kusek about his thoughts on where the music business is going. Dave has an abnormal talent for predicting the future of innovation in the music industry with great accuracy. This book is his manifesto on the future of music and the digital revolution. It’s a great read from one of the most intelligent futurists in the music business.
The Internet has made it possible, for the first time in history, for an artist to reach millions of listeners around the world and earn a living through their music, all without ever needing to impress the musical gatekeepers or use a million-dollar marketing budget. Artists can now be in complete control of their own careers — which includes receiving a significantly larger proportion of the revenue from sales and other income than they would have in the past.
An impressive use of data storytelling to celebrate what would be his 90th birthday. This interactive infographic displays his ongoing impact helping old fans discover something new, drawing in new listeners and driving sales/streams of legacy and new records.
In the extremely early stages, any amount of free exposure is good. Pay close attention to the type of people who love your music, and figure out how to get in front of more of these people using targeted music marketing strategies.
Even though Dannen cast the music industry in a decidedly unfavorable light, his book was an unquestionable home run. It became a national bestseller, and he was even honored by the music industry itself with the Ralph J. Gleason award.
CHANGE CERTIFICATE: When a student wants to change their lower-level certificate to a higher-level certificate (or vice versa) prior to the completion of the program. There are no additional fees for this option other than the cost of additional courses, and you will only earn one certificate upon completion.
This is like an online event planning company. I’ve never tried it out, but I have a few friends who get booked for weddings and corporate parties all the time through the site. Customers leave reviews of the artists and the artists’ ranking rises the more positive reviews they receive. Gig Masters costs $200-400 for the annual membership, but one booking will typically pay for that.
In January 2012 I was lucky enough to meet Derek at his offices in Singapore. Derek founded CDbaby and sold it for $22 million, which he then gave to a charitable trust. This book is an amazing collection of lessons about creative entrepreneurship, innovation, and life, from one of the most humble and down-to-Earth musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.
In my free ‘Introduction To Music Marketing’ ebook, I look at how much you should market your music depending on what your aims are in your music career (among many other things). So if you want a better idea on how much you should focus on this side of things, give that a read.
While its written as more of a basics run-down of the marketing side of the industry, I feel like the content is relevant to the DIY artist in general as it demystifies some of the more convoluted aspects of how a record goes from being written to being purchased (or at least heard)
Yes, I’m a professional musician, but I’ve now become a professional spreader-of-everything-I-knower because I don’t believe in competition among musicians. If you’re hardworking, passionate, driven and talented enough you will be able to sustain a healthy, long-term career — if you have the knowledge and the understanding of how it works.
True fans are the ones that consume everything you create and are just waiting to buy whatever you put out next.  They’re the first to buy tickets.  They’ll buy all editions, versions, and all 5 colors of your vinyl pressings. The math he uses simply says if you make $100 from 1,000 fans ($100,000), it’s better than making $1 from 100,000 fans.  It’s not for everybody though.  It requires a lot of energy and investment to nourish these 1,000 fans. If you don’t like the idea of serving a thousand or a few thousand fans, and engaging them so directly, it might not be for you.  The idea of having less fans doesn’t sound like a good idea.  But the real point is to show you that in the beginning, if you focus on 1,000, and you really serve that audience, your fans will multiply naturally well beyond that.  Also you will be more in tune with your audience and know what they like.  

Both Bandsintown and Songkick use various databases to find local events, but you can sign up for Bandsintown as an artist to ensure all the information about your events is correct. For Songkick, you can sign up for Tourbox.
Whether you are a major, indie, or completely independent artist, the new music industry has opened up more possibilities for success than have ever existed in the past. You just have to know how to spot them.
I found this quite helpful to put together an overall plan for a CD release. While things change so much in such a sort time in the music industry, this was fairly up to date on most things. The areas where it was not current was not from a lack of knowledge from the author, just from maker changes. A very good overall read regaurdles of the type of music that you are releasing.
In addition to putting your music video on YouTube, there are hundreds if not thousands of outlets that will play your music video.  To reach them you can enlist the services of music video distribution companies.  Some examples are here.
18. Do be willing to use your other gifts and abilities to make money – teach, coach, do art and graphic design, play your instrument for others, write songs for or with people, do tech, be an engineer – whatever it takes for you to “sponsor” your own life.
Donald Passman’s book provides the blueprint for the music industry. But if you’re a businessperson, publisher, manager, or otherwise really need to understand the financial side of the music business, this is your best resource.
Learn how to get your music into brick and mortar independent retailers, what kind of materials you should make to support your release, and the inner workings of the online retail and distribution outlets
Jay’s first project under the Music Geek moniker was doing work as band archivist and label product manager for Canadian music veterans, Barenaked Ladies. Since then, Jay has worn a lot of hats including sales, marketing, artist development, business development, tour management, and product management. Jay is currently working with Sloan, the Presidents of the United States of America, Jars of Clay, and Carbon Leaf. Jay’s core focus is to help further the careers of artists while partnering with them in a “D.I.Y. +” sort of way to have long-lasting and fan-focused careers.
Adding a mailing list signup sheet to your merch table can be a great way to collect emails from new and existing fans attending your shows. It’s especially powerful when accompanied by powerful incentives.
Another thing you’ll want to do offline is chase up opportunities. Email can be a slow process, but when dealing with companies, often a phone call or going to see them in person can speed things up considerably. Not only that, but you have the chance to potentially connect with them in ways others who go through email simply won’t.
I’ve read this several times now, and every time I read the first ten pages I get a huge burst of motivation to kick ass on social media. Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the few non-celebrities with over 1,000,000 followers on Twitter. He built his multi-million pound success from pure hustle on the social media, and this is where he shares how he does it. If nothing else, this book is a brilliant motivational kick up the ass.
To get the most bang for your listening buck, you should sign up to all the listed sites. This way, you can listen to just one song and review it multiple times on each site. Remember to change your actual review text as you hop from site to site.

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